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Thanksgiving is National Family Health History Day

In 2004, the U.S. Surgeon General declared Thanksgiving as National Family Health History Day. The premise of National Family Health History Day is focused on individuals gathering with families to become aware of health conditions that may exist in their families. Learn more via CDC, Knowing is Not Enough—Act on Your Family Health History.

Since a majority of families gather on Thanksgiving, it was determined that this would be a good time to discuss health family history.

Health family history is important in screening for pre-existing conditions. It can help in early detection and treatment.

If you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, choose another day your family gathers to discuss health family history.

Hawa Hoff is a nurse practitioner for the Vaccine Equity Access Program, which we are part of with Community Catalyst with funding by the CDC.

Consider getting the latest COVID-19 vaccine/flu shot and wearing a mask for extra protection.

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