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Wall of Gratitude

I just wanted to take a moment and thank Trans(forming) for helping me with changing my gender marker and name on my drivers license, passport, birth certificate and with Social Security. I have been living as myself for years but was terrified to change my documents because I thought that my state would block me some how or that someone would try to shame me. Much of the information that state level agencies have online is not followed when you are in front of a real person. Trans(forming) helped complete my paperwork, pay for my changes and supported me in follow up. I am so thankful that I did not have to do this alone. Going to court is nerve racking and having people who have been through it makes it so much easier. They even offered to go to court with me for moral support. Now, I do not have any fear of building my career. Now, I feel like have much more control over my life and my direction. Finally, I can take a woman out without worry of her seeing the name on my debit card. Now when I go to the grocery store I do not have to provide a second ID to us my debit card.

THANK YOU, Trans(forming). You all have lifted a rock off my back.


The Passport experience was a wonderful adventure that I shared with other trans folks. Now that I got my passport I feel more confident traveling around the world as my authentic truth. I am grateful that I got the opportunity to get guidance from trans(forming). Thanx!

Living with the wrong identification for 27 years and getting it changed was a huge relief. I feel reassured that I can show my ID/Birth Certificate to future employers or Police without feeling like they are going to mis-gender me because of what was on my ID. Now that I have gotten it changed I feel proud to show my ID without any hesitation. Thank God almighty it's changed at last!!!!

-The Goddess K

I am so happy that I am about to burst. Trans(forming) changed my life. If it where not for their guidance the process of changing ALL of my information would have been much harder. So many people assume that you need a letter to change everything but that is not true at all. Even the employees whom are supposed to be "experts" do not know what they are talking about. Listening to them will have you going about this the hard way. They try and pull that,"I cannot help you because you are (AFAB/Gender Fluid/ Transgender/fill in the blank)". Thankfully I was patience and listened to the information that Trans(forming) gave me. They supported me, calmed many of my intense fears and now I can just be me. It is freeing. It only took the Social Security Office 24hrs to update my information and the lady was nice because I had all that I needed. There was not run-a-round or excuses. It has only been 48hrs but I am so happy. happy.

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