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Despite unprecedented in flux of anti-LGBTQ legislation the tide maybe turning but trans folks still fearful

In Georgia, 0 anti-LGBTQ bills were passed despite Republican majority in both houses. It was a fight that came down to the wire on the last day of the March legislative session. HRC, parents of trans children, and transgender Georgians were at the state house all day working to meet lawmakers. They fought the largest number of anti-LGBTQ bills ever introduced in one legislative session, according to HRC Executive Director, Jeff Graham.

However, just the introduction of anti-LGBTQ bills all over the country, has caused trans folks to be more fearful. Trans folks have a heightened sense that their rights are constantly under threat and maybe extremely limited or removed all together.

Although, states like Georgia, Florida, and Kentucky were able to curtail these bills. It doesn't prevent Trans folks from feeling the anxiety caused by the introduction of these bills.

Reference: Orion Rumler, "Many trans Americans are living in fear. But LGBTQ+ advocates see a reprieve in statehouses," The 19th, April 15, 2024,

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