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Our Executive Director and Long-time Member Speak Up for Trans Youth

Trans(forming) is saddened that Georgia is going against health research and is encouraging hatred towards trans people, particularly youth. Blocking access to treatment contravenes health research, which shows that access to puberty blockers and hormone therapy improves the mental health of trans youth, decreases suicide risk, and is seldom regretted. Blocking trans youth from accessing treatment is targeting some of the country’s most vulnerable. It sends a message to all that trans people are not accepted and are an open target for hate and bigotry. Targeting youth is particularly cruel, hurtful, and abusive. We know there is no health reason for Georgia to block healthcare for trans youth: the only purpose of this action is to rile up hate against trans people and make children’s lives more difficult. Trans youth in Georgia already face inordinate amounts of bullying and harassment, and multiple studies have shown the dangers of conversion therapy. However, Georgia is purposefully choosing to encourage bullying and harassment, and blocking healthcare access for trans youth sends a message that Georgia supports harmful conversion therapy for youth. These actions put trans lives, and children’s lives, at risk by encouraging suicide and assault.

BT the founder and Executive Director of Trans(forming) knew very early (as young as 3) that something was ‘different’ about him. Without support and full information, he started transitioning in his teens. He was fortunate enough to meet a few mentors. He didn’t have family support. So, he started his transition socially and then purchasing street hormones. We are now in a age where there are doctors and enough medical information for young trans people to be who are they are (safely). Passing laws, making things harder will not stop those who KNOW this is the path they MUST take to survive.

We stand firmly against SB140 and will continue to fight anti-trans laws and hatred that’s being pushed by ignorance!

  • BT and Kevin

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