As the country is protesting for #Black Lives Matter the voice of Black trans people aren't acknowledged and fought for the same. On May 27 a transman was murder by a police officer in Tallahassee Florida. The national protest and recognition of his Life and Name have been excluded because of his gender identity. Even in his death the world is still misgendering him to well known for the trans community. 

We uplift and #SayHisName #Tony Mcdade#RIP KING# Black Trans Lives Matter #Black Transmen Are Black Men

Below in the link is an article on the threat and violence Black Transmen/Black Transmasculine folks face with police and the prison industrial complex.

#Black Transmen Are Black Men# Black Trans Lives Matter 

Help AFAB individuals by giving to a black-trans led organization funds will go directly to those in need!!!! In this time of crisis, our organization is being hit with extra requests for support. Please help us help them! 
All raised funds will go directly to help with rent, food, utilities, transportation and COVID-19 supplies.
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 The Trans(forming) office will be closed until further notice due to the world-wide COVID-19 outbreak. Our monthly meetings will now be hosted live and online. 

     As an organization, we still want the community to know we are here to support YOU. We will continue to give updates on Trans(forming), do  wellness check-ins, and discuss COVID-19 concerns. (Links will be sent to members and partners who RSVP). 

     Folks are welcome, yet are not required , to be on any video during such meetings. We respect and understand the importance of everyone's privacy. Confidentiality will be discussed at the beginning of each meeting. We are looking forward to meeting you there! 


Hello Community:

      During this challenging time, we'd like to help each of you be safe and healthy . As members of Trans(forming) , as allies , and as a community,  we want to assure you that we have built a community of care. We have a long tradition of "trans-organizing" that has always supported each other through crises

     We are making changes ; keeping our members and leadership team safe, while doing our part to curb this developing COVID-19 pandemic. We remain committed to supporting our members and community, continuing our work, and maintaining connections with you. Please reach out to ( if you need to connect – and know that you are not alone!

Below is a list of the changes that will impact Trans(forming) meetings and events. 

     We know that many in our communities are already vulnerable, struggling, and are affected daily by oppression and related social decisions. Practicing “social distancing” or isolating can be incredibly difficult.

     As an organization we aim to do everything we can to ease these difficulties ; creatively shifting to new ways of connecting, organizing, and building community together. We also encourage everyone to follow public health recommendations such as avoiding crowds, wiping down surfaces (like cell phones) more often, and washing hands for at least 20 seconds (2 rounds of “Happy Birthday to You.”) These measures can help limit the spread of COVID-19 at this crucial time, in turn protecting those within and beyond our community, who are most vulnerable to this virus.
     Stay safe ! #StayInside and We look forward to connecting virtually very soon !


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In this time of crisis, our organization is being hit with extra requests for support. Please help us help them! 
All raised funds will go directly to help with rent, food, utilities, transportation and  COVID-19 supplies.

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