Trans(forming) Housing Mission

To provide emergency and short-term housing for members and partners of Trans(forming) who are faced with eviction, housing instability, and a range of barriers to accessing safe and permanent housing. The purpose of residing at Trans(forming) House is not only to provide members with safe and affirming housing, but to help with setting a goal and meet it, help create and maintain a budget, and help save. These are required, essential life skills that will help you long after you leave Trans(forming) House.

We need housing now more than ever! Our community has been hit hard by the ongoing pandemic and are in need of one of life's basic necessities housing. You can help us by donating now here and/or sharing with your networks. 
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Trans(forming) Leadership team

WE DID IT!  Georgia has a new law on the books that will help people serving long probation sentences.  Gov. Kemp signed SB 105 today, and it takes effect July 1, 2021.  SB 105 reduces the number of individuals serving lengthy probation sentences by creating a pathway for early termination that all individuals can access after serving 3 years of probation if:

  • All restitution is paid
  • No revocations in the last 24 months
  • No new offenses
  • A judge must still consider and grant the termination

Georgia has more people serving a felony probation sentence than any other state in the country (190,475 as of Jan 2021) and our probation sentences are three times longer than the national average (40% of Georgia's probation sentences are longer than 10 years).  SB 105 will have a huge impact on these numbers: following the signing of SB 105, up to 25% of all felony probationers qualify for early termination immediately.  And each month, more people will meet these milestones and be able to terminate their probation sentences.

The passage of SB 105 will have a profound effect on the rate of correctional control in Georgia if implemented effectively. To ensure the new remedy's success, GJP is implementing a strategy that consists of Education and Outreach, Direct Services, and continued Policy Advocacy with the goal of reducing the number of people on probation by 15% over three years. This effort will require us to increase capacity and welcome new donors to support our work. You can make a donation today by clicking the button below. With your help, we will show the impact the new law can have on Georgia's probation population and set the stage for future probation reform in our state.

Thank you for your support that helped pass this legislation!  Continue to stay engaged as we look ahead to removing more barriers to reentry though legislative change next year as well. 

The FCC would like to remind you that enrollment in the Emergency Broadband Benefit begins tomorrow, Wednesday, May 12, 2021.  We are asking for your help in raising awareness about the launch of this important and timely program.

There are three ways eligible households can enroll:

To help you spread the word about the Emergency Broadband Benefit, the FCC has a variety of free and easy-to-use content in our outreach toolkit.  Within the toolkit are downloadable social media images and sample posts, printable posters, tip cards, fact sheets, and flyers. There are also audio public service announcements in English and Spanish, as well as one specifically for consumers who live in Indian Country.  Toolkit materials can be co-branded if desired.

Thank you for your help in raising awareness about this important program. 

Did you know that, As an organization we always support our community in every way we can. Our community historically is hit first and the hardest with a longer time to recover. As a community with limited resources and many folks with non traditional jobs due to the many barriers we face, many are gig economy workers. Over the past year we have seen the continued struggles to meet folks basic necessities. That's why for over the past year Trans(forming) has raised funds to support those directly impacted by this ongoing pandemic. We have been able to raise funding and support over 20 individuals and their families. We were able to support by providing direct funding for rental assistance, food, utilities, transportation, and COVID-19 supplies. We need your help to continue supporting those who need it most. Help AFAB individuals and their families by giving to a black-trans led organization funds will go directly to those in need!!!! In this time of crisis, our organization is being hit with extra requests for support. Please help us help them! That’s why your support is more crucial now than ever before.
During our Covid Fundraiser we are looking to raise $10,000,
and we can only do it with your help. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation so we can continue helping
those who need it most. Join our fight by:
1. Making a one-time donation to our Covid-19 Fundraiser campaign >> Donate here <<
2. Mail checks or money orders to 236 Forsyth Street Atlanta, Ga 30303 Suite 302
3. Spreading the word about our Covid-19 Fundraiser and our mission
4. Follow and like our platforms below to stay up to date with us!
Your support can make a tremendous difference in the lives of our members and help uplift
our community. Anything will help, if you are unable to support financially please share with your contacts! If you would like to donate anything other than via cash app or mail please send us an email at

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If you missed this panel featuring the panelist in the flyer you can go on our Facebook page to see this conversation and more. While your there don't forget to like and follow the page to stay get updates and stay connected.


As the country is protesting for #Black Lives Matter the voice of Black trans people aren't acknowledged and fought for the same. Allies join the call for stand in unity with BlackTransmen On May 27 a transman was murder by a police officer in Tallahassee Florida. The national protest and recognition of his Life and Name have been excluded because of his gender identity. Even in his death the world is still misgendering him to well known for the trans community. 

We uplift and #SayHisName #Tony Mcdade#RIP KING# Black Trans Lives Matter #Black Transmen Are Black Men

Below in the link is an article on the threat and violence Black Transmen/Black Transmasculine folks face with police and the prison industrial complex.

#Black Transmen Are Black Men# Black Trans Lives Matter

On a daily basis Trans bodies are under attack. Kristian Rouse a recent high school graduate Transman was brutally attacked and left to die on May 13th. Now instead of going off starting college in Fall he had to do rehab on basic body functioning. Join our movement to protect black trans bodies and trans bodies. Trans liberation is part of BLM movement. Check out our work on solving this continuous dehumanizing treatment 

on the trans community and contact us on how to get involved.

AFAB Sexual Health Campaign

His personal story Matters.

Listen to different AFAB experiences and the different stigmas about sexuality, masculinity, and more attached to transmen, transmasculine, and AFAB individuals.
We will be posting the panel on our social media and website soon. Stay tuned for part 2.

Gender equality for AFAB sexual health starts with us. Fill out the our survey to be counted!!!

For more info on our sexual health project 
                                                                                                          Click here

All of our stories and voices Matter. 


We support you staying safe !

 The Trans(forming) office will be closed until further notice due to the world-wide COVID-19 outbreak. Our monthly meetings will now be hosted live and online. 

     As an organization, we still want the community to know we are here to support YOU. We will continue to give updates on Trans(forming), do  wellness check-ins, and discuss COVID-19 concerns. (Links will be sent to members and partners who RSVP). 

     Folks are welcome, yet are not required , to be on any video during such meetings. We respect and understand the importance of everyone's privacy. Confidentiality will be discussed at the beginning of each meeting. We are looking forward to meeting you there! 


Covid-19 related resources

Need to file Unemployment ? Help with bills ? Need to be tested for COVID-19? Continue reading !

Your free ride to the vaccine is waiting

We’ve teamed up with the White House to provide free rides¹ to and from vaccination centers across the country. Tell your friends and family—these rides are available to everyone.

From May 24 through July 4, you’ll get up to 4 free rides (up to $25 each) to and from your vaccination appointments. We’re almost there. Together, we can help get America moving again. Click Here to book.

With the COVID-19 pandemic deeply impacting job security, nearly 22% of recent college graduates have had their job offers revoked. To help with this rising issue, our experts created a guide including

  • Tips on managing student debt

Industries that are expanding

Options for lowering housing costs

Metro Atlanta Mutual Aid:

While we are updating our resources list, here are a few resources to help you at this crucial time ! 

Companies Hiring during COVID-19 pandemic:

Here you can apply for Unemployment in GA :

Unemployment Benefits For The Self-Employed, Independent Contractors, And Gig-Economy Workers: Lawyer On The Front Lines Answers Common Questions :

If you are a GA food service worker currently struggling :

Do you need help with Rent ?:

If you need help with rent, finding low cost apartments, or general help :

Think you Have COVID-19 ? :

Community First

We support members in our community achieve all of their transitional goals !

Become Informed

We help support our members no matter where they are in their development !

In this time of crisis, our organization is being hit with extra requests for support. Please help us help them! 
All raised funds will go directly to help with rent, food, utilities, transportation and  COVID-19 supplies.

Donate here place COVID-19 in the "FOR line" for organizational purposes.


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