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Trans, intersex and Gender non-conforming people of color assigned female at birth (AFAB) deal with stigma, bias, and systematic oppression. With an increase in police harassment of POC and immigration raids, many people have less access to housing. The few Trans & GNC spaces accessible have less than 5% of the housing space designated for Trans, intersex, and GNC individuals, assigned female at birth. It is important for us to continue "making what we need". This is why we need your support to fund a Trans(forming) house. Donate and share to support the cause and check out the rest of the website for more information about our work.

Donations also being accepted via cashapp: $Transforming

This Month's Did You Know...
Trans(forming) is membership based organization.

We are alliance members and key players of CLOSE THE JAIL ACDC AND REPURPOSE THE JAIL ACDC!!!

We have a clothing closet and assist with clothing for those in need.
To become  member we ask that folks:
  • Pay membership dues of $30 yearly. ($15 for youth and low income)
  • Attend a minimum of 4 Trans(forming) events a year

Cash App: $Transforming

Transman Attacked Inside 7-Eleven In Philly

Violence in the trans community has hit record highs particularly with POC. These senseless and hateful acts are inhuman. We call a stop at Trans(forming) for these attacks on our community.  Below is a link to another senseless act of violence against a TMOC . He was inside a store wearing a trans lives matter shirt when he was attacked by three men. We want to remind everyone to be safe. But also encourage you to show up in any space as you are comfortable .


We are approaching the end of the year and wanted to remind you that Trans(forming) is still accepting donations and giving to us is tax-deductible! We are one of few black trans-led organizations throwing down for our people and your support makes a huge impact. You can continue to support us by giving via:

Cash App: $Transforming

Check: Mail to 
2861 East Point Street
East Point, GA 30344
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