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Prison Project

This was a New Year fundraiser intitiated by one of our long-time members to help members in and newly released from Georgia jails/prisons.

However, you can still donate to our Prison Project.  Your donation go towards legal help, commissary, housing, and employment.

Trans(forming) Members Featured

One Of Our Members Talks to 11Alive News

One of our Transforming Prison Project members talked to 11Alive news about how PAD (Policing Alternatives & Diversion) has helped him.


He also spoke to the Fulton County Commissioners asking them not to defund PAD, because of how they have helped and supported him.

PAD assists with case management for some of our Prison Project members.


Click the link here to see the video on our Facebook page.

Georgia Inmate Runs for President

Ronnie Fuller, a member we help through our Prison Project, was featured in an article by NBC news, investigating the treatment of AFAB people in prison.


Click the link below to read more: Strip searches, trauma, isolation: Trans men describe life behind bars. Transgender men say they are often harassed, denied medically necessary care and “forced to be someone” they're not while incarcerated.


Ronnie is the reason why the Prison Project exists, to advocate for the fair treatment of AFAB, trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary folx in the criminal justice system.

Black Trans Invisibility in The Criminal Justice System by Dorcas Adedoja

One of our former members wrote this essay, click the link below to read it.


Court orders first gender-affirming surgery for a transgender federal prisoner

U.S Justice Department Federal Bureau of      Prisons Manual For Trans Federal Prisoners

In January, the Biden administration restored Obama-era guidelines for federal prisons to house transgender inmates by their gender identity "when appropriate." The guidelines also require prison staff to refer to trans inmates by their lived name and pronouns.


The ACLU estimates that the Federal Bureau of Prisons has more than 1,200 transgender people currently in its custody.

U.S Justice Department Office of Justice Programs Bureau of Justice Statistics 

  • An estimated 35% of transgender inmates held in prisons and 34% held in local jails reported experiencing one or more incidents of sexual victimization by another inmate or facility staff in the past 12 months or since admission, if less than 12 months.
  • Transgender inmates reported high levels of staff sexual misconduct in prisons (17%) and jails (23%). Most transgender inmates who had been victimized reported that the staff sexual misconduct was unwilling (75%), and that they experienced force or threat of force (51%) or were pressured by staff (66%) to engage in the sexual activity.

Federal Government Tells Atlanta Judge Georgia Prisons Should Pay for Gender Affirming Care

The Federal Government supports gender affirming care in Georgia Correctional facilities. The Feds spoke on behalf of an incarcerated transwoman. Who filed a lawsuit against the Georgia Correctional Facility. Trans(forming) along with Rights Behind Bars (RBB) issued a press release in December, detailing the lawsuit.

Rights Behind Bars (RBB) & Trans(forming) advocate for gender affirming care in Georgia prisons


Poems by a Prison Project member of Trans(forming)



I am.

What I am.

I will wear my suit and tie.

Because I can.

Sex wise doctors say female

But when I strap it on

To penetrate her she says I'm all male.

So what's the problem?

Does anybody really know.

Or are you that close minded.

That your minds are locked doors.

Internally I am He.

Externally, It says She.

Until, I disguise my outer being.

I am.

What I am.

And I will wear my beard and tie.

Because I can.

        by Novelty


Why are you so demanding?

You beliefs are not my beliefs.

Demanding me to be a she.

When in all reality I am a he.

Stop reprimanding me.

Stop judging me.

Just listen to me.

Just love me.

Because I'm not apologizing.

        by Novelty

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