Trans(forming) House- provides emergency and long-term housing for members and partners of Trans(forming) who are faced with eviction, housing instability, and a range of barriers to accessing safe and permanent housing.

    Trans, Intersex and Gender non-conforming people of color who are assigned female at birth (AFAB), deal with stigma, bias, and systematic oppression. With this and the increase in police harassment of POC and Immigration raids, many people have less access to housing. The few Trans & GNC spaces accessible have less than 5% of the housing space designated for Trans, Intersex, and GNC, AFAB individuals. 

     It is important for us to continue to "make what we need". This is why we need your support to fund a Trans(forming) house. Donate and share to support our causes . Don't forget to put the reason for the donation when submitting. Thank you!