Monthly Meetings

In our meetings, we host group therapeutic sessions, and casual social events; with topics such as:

  • Families and relationships

  • Struggles and triumphs

  • Money Management 

  • Medical and legal options 

  • Racism in trans spaces  

  • Co-meetings with AMAB (assigned male at birth), and much more !

Thanks to everyone who attended. Also big thanks for our co-host and sister organization TAKE RESOURCE CENTER. We appreciate what you'll brought to the space . We will continue to uplift our lost siblings and fight to our rights.
Thanks for everyone who attended. We know during this climate times are more diffucult.Anyone that was unabale to make it and need to check-in around mental health please contact us and we can set up a time and session. 

Last Month's Meeting

      April's meeting was a success . Thanks to everyone who attended. As an organization, we want the community to know we are still here for support. If you were unable to attend this months meeting we invite you and look forward of you attending May's meeting . More details will be posted about May's meeting soon. In the meantime please contact us if you want updates on Trans(forming) itself, have a wellness check-in, discuss COVID-19 concerns, and get general support. We are looking forward to hearing from y'all !