Monthly Meetings

In our meetings, we host group therapeutic sessions, and casual social events; with topics such as:

  • Families and relationships

  • Struggles and triumphs

  • Money Management 

  • Medical and legal options 

  • Racism in trans spaces  

  • Co-meetings with AMAB (assigned male at birth), and much more !

Calling all 50+ (Old G's) to come share your life and experiences with the younger generations about living your best live while aging and trans. Our monthly meeting will be in person this month and via zoom.Those that feel comfortable to come into the office with COVID-19 affecting our nation and our daily way of life, we are following all necessary guidelines and precautions that includes physical distancing so the seating is very limited. PPE in the form of a mask will be provided if you don't have one ,along with sanitizers  will be available!!!!Our new office address and Links will be sent to members and sister organizations who RSVP. We will also will be providing food for those feel safe to attend in person. Look forward to you'll joining us. RSVP at
Thanks everyone who listened in on to the meeting. If you missed it is on our Facebook page ! 

Last Month's Meeting

Our monthly meeting was via online. We talked being in the trans* community relationships and dating can be difficult navigating and especially now during Covid-19. Thanks for everyone who joined us!