Storme-Murray Project

Trans(forming) is proud to be a sponsor of the Stormé-Murray Project founded by our  former social media liason: Dorcas! The Stormé-Murray Project is a support network for LGBTQ+ folks of color interested navigating higher education. The Project is currently seeking people interested in joining the network, those willing to serve as mentors, and more.

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Trans(forming) is deeply disturbed by the latest trend of fatal violence against black trans-feminine people. These stories are not new, and this collectively serves as another urgent reminder that we all have to do better to ensure trans-feminine people are protected and put in situations to thrive.

Trans(forming) is honored to trust black trans-feminine leadership and be an organization that is privileged to work alongside leaders in LaGender and G.L.I.T.S.

To the trans-feminine people we know:
We love you, cherish you, and will keep you in our thoughts during this hard time. We encourage our base to financially support the girls and put their money where their mouth is. Links to organizations ran by sisters we proudly work alongside can be found below.

LaGender Inc:


History was made at the FIRST National Trans March!!!

Trans(forming)  urges you to join us next year at the next . We will march again in support of equal rights and inclusion for our community. March with us to demand justice for our siblings whose lives were taken through senseless murders and negatively impacted by discrimination. 

Trump Administration Clears Medical Providers to Deny LGBTQ+ People Lifesaving Care 

Medical providers can now refuse to treat LGBTQ+ individuals due to their "religious beliefs". 

The Trump administration has continued the onslaught of attacks against trans folks by the adoption of this policy. It was reported that 1 in 5 trans or gender non-conforming people have been refused care due to their gender identity or expression prior to the passing of this policy, and we now expect these numbers to rise. While this is a serious blow, we still have some resources on our side.

Below is a list of online medical directories of doctors who claim to be safe for LGBTQ+ patients. Click on the words to take you to the pages because they are hyperlinked!

*** It is important to note that these websites may not be screening doctors. Additionally, some doctors may overestimate how safe they are for LGBTQ+ communities. We encourage you to do a bit of research on your own, but these directories are a good start.***

Our trusted allies in Atlanta are Dr. Foote (urology) and Dr. Smiddy (endocrinology, hormone doctor/internal medicine)

(but don't clap too soon)

Morehouse has decided to accept trans men starting in 2020, however, we should not be so desperate for good news that we clap for anything we get.

Trans and gender non-conforming alumni of the college are mostly rallying against this policy. They deserve our support.

The main argument: 

The policy will exclude anyone who does not fully conform to manhood and will allow Morehouse administration to use gender policing to target students for de-enrollment. 
Notable alumni, like award winning Black LGBTQ+ researcher Jafari Allen, have went as far as penning public letters to the college president that Trans(forming) strongly encourages you all to read.

Some may argue that Morehouse is a men's college so only men should be there. However, we cannot forget that Morehouse enacted an exclusionary dress code policyin 2009 banning men from wearing "feminine garments".

It would be no surprise if Morehouse discriminates against trans men who apply by requiring they have certain surgeries, physiques, and gender expression before matriculation. It should be understood that gender policing in any form is anti-trans.

Morehouse alumni make it clear that trans men will not be safe on this campus as is.

We should listen to students who have survived Morehouse and continue to hold the institution accountable to ensure trans men who may decide to attend the institution can thrive in a safe environment.