Hello Everyone,
August's member meeting will be a few rounds of mini golf. Please RSVP via Facebook or email at [email protected] Full location and any additions information will be sent after the RSVP.

Partners and children are more than welcome so please let us know ahead of time so that we will have an accurate head count.
Please remember that we are a member-based organization and dues are important to remain active. As always, food and fun is on Trans(forming

*****There will be zero tolerance for photography, video recordings, social media tagging, voice recordings, Facebook Live, Snap Chat or any other forms that might breach the cultural standards of confidentiality set forth  by Trans(forming). .*****

We are proud to announce the Document Project.

From now until late Fall 2017 Trans(forming) has the esteemed pleasure to provide our community with much needed assistance around updating and paying for legal documents. We know it can be frustrating to figure out what form should go where as well as finding the extra money to pay for it.

Sometimes an experienced support group can help make the process less nerve racking. We have 15 years of combined experience and have assisted a number of individuals with correcting and paying for their documents.

Requirements: You must be a member of Trans(forming) that pays dues and participates consistently.

Days and Times will be posted on the Calendar as well as our social media sites. Sign-ups are provided during the meetings.

Happy 10 years Of Making A Difference!
We hope to have many more.

To celebrate our 10 years of service we will have an outing for due paying members every month until the end of the year. The educations portions will be during SnapCo Meetings. All are welcome to attend.Volunteers are needed for a possible Anniversary party. Send an email of interests to [email protected] or leave a message at 404-941-6156.

Community First

We believe in helping our members from the community achieve their transitional goals

Stay Informed

We help support our members no matter where they are

Donations Welcomed

Our organization is member based, so we could always use an extra hand helping those in need