March Meeting!

We have the esteemed pleasure of hosting a private screening of an episode Eden's Garden. Mr. Seven King and a few other cast members will join us for a Q&A at the conclusion of the screening. Space is limited so please RSVP as soon as possible. There may be adult material shown so please plan accordingly. Partners and adults are welcome. 
Trans(forming) Goes To The Movies

Hello All,
We are going to see Black Panther on Feb.15, 2018, 6pm at Atlantic Station.
Partners and children are more than welcome but space is limited. You must RSVP as quickly as possible. Do not RSVP unless you can come for sure(email: [email protected]).

Atlantic Station offers the first 2hours of parking free. The movie theater will validate parking for another 2 hours. After that 2-3 hours will cost $4.00.

**Please eat before the movie. Afterward we will meet up for beer and appetizers.***

RSVP at [email protected]
Thank you.

Trans(forming)'s Newsletter
 Do you want to know what Trans(forming) is doing ahead of time? We send out a monthly newsletter that informs and educates. There are a number of opportunities from community involvement, networking, empowerment and growth.
Contact us at  [email protected].

Trans(forming)'s Prison Project!

Trans(forming) is proud to present our prison project. As many of us know trans men, intersex, gender non-conforming people of color, assigned female at birth (including those who ID as male/ man) and those who are questioning are often targeted by law enforcement. Many are misgendered, mistreated and have little access to transitional needs while incarcerated. We have made contact with our local prisons and are connecting with as many trans men, intersex, gender non-conforming , assigned female at birth (including those who ID as male/ man) and those who are questioning but we need the communities help. We need people who are willing to be consistent Penpals, those willing to visit a few times a year and those willing to go in an educate. You must be an active member and have been screened by the Trans(forming)Member Leader Team.

Interested? Send out an email.

Happy 10 years Of Making A Difference!
We hope to have many more.

To celebrate our 10 years of service we are asking for donations. $10 for every year Trans(forming) has been active equals $100. If we can get enough $100 donations then we will be able to support the Trans(forming) House. For example. We still need to add more furniture, repainting, repairs and various other items. Donations are best  Debit/Credit via Cash App, Cash and Check. Thank you all for all of the love and support. 

Community First

We believe in helping our members from the community achieve their transitional goals

Stay Informed

We help support our members no matter where they are

Donations Welcomed

Our organization is member based, so we could always use an extra hand helping those in need